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Applications should be submitted within 30 days after the event. Event Applications for NAERIC Advantage® money received after the 30 day period, will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.Unless the event takes place in Dec, NO applications will be accepted after December 31.
American Paint Horse Assoc. (APHA) Youth World Championship Horse Show
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Event Start Date: 6/25/2018
Event End Date: 7/8/2018
Discipline: Roping, Reining, Pole Bending, Barrel Racing, English, Cutting, Western, Trail
General Nature of Advantage Bonus: Dollar Amount for Highest Placing
Exact Details of Bonus: All NAERIC Advantage payout applications must be submitted by the owner of record. 2019 Advantage payout checks for 2018 events will be made payable to the owner of record on the breed registry papers.

Please email or fax a copy of the breed registry papers to NAERIC showing the current owner`s name after submitting the FIRST NAERIC Advantage payout application(s) of 2018 so ownership can be verified. Papers should be on file in the NAERIC office before submitting Advantage applications for subsequent events.

NAERIC will verify all placings if posted, but if results are not posted, it is up to the owner of the horse to supply official documentation from the club or breed registry. To verify class placing for all classes which you are submitting payout applications for, any APHA Show Records you can obtain by being a member of APHA must be faxed or mailed to NAERIC by December 1, 2018.

$100.00 per class for each judge for the top placing NAERIC horse in the top 5 Canadian placings. 5 or more exhibitors must participate in the class to make the class eligible for the $100.00 payout. With 4 or less exhibitors in a class, payouts per Canadian class for each judge are: $50.00 - First, $30.00 - Second, $20.00 - Third.

Exhibitors will be awarded an extra $200.00 if the composite score of all the judges put them in first place overall if there are 5 or more in the class.

Longe line, in-hand, walk/trot, and walk/jog classes are eligible for Advantage payouts per class per judge of $50.00 - First, $30.00 - Second, $20.00 - Third. With 4 or less exhibitors in a class, payouts per class for each judge are: $25.00 - First, $15.00 - Second, $10.00 - Third.

Horsemanship, showmanship, equitation, lead line, and bareback riding classes are not judged on the horse; therefore, are not eligible for Advantage payouts.

Champion and Reserve placings are based on other classes and NOT eligible for Advantage payouts.
Games, hitch classes, and classes judged on the rider such as showmanship, equitation, and horsemanship are not eligible for NAERIC Advantage added money.