Do you compete on a NAERIC registered horse? NAERIC will consider additional events for NAERIC Advantage ® money. Events must meet the following criteria:

  • Show results must be posted on an established website. Exhibitors showing their NAERIC horses at NAERIC approved AQHA, APHA, or ApHC/ApHCC approved breed shows MUST provide their current year exhibitor show record from the breed registry so results can be verified.
  • Horses MUST be identified in the results.
  • Event must be established. Events cannot be selected for NAERIC Advantage® added money in their start-up year.
  • Event applications MUST be submitted 5 business days BEFORE the event.
Event Name:
(One event/date. Multiple shows in a series should be submitted per date.)
Event Start Date:
Event End Date:
Event Location:
Event Web Site Address :
List websites where results are posted:
How many years has this event been held?
Is this an approved breed show? Yes No
If yes, is it:
ApHC/ApHCC Other
Your First Name:
Last Name:
Zip/Postal Code:
Email Address:
How are you involved with the event?
Exhibitor Board Member
Committee Member Volunteer
Do you own a NAERIC registered horse? Yes No
Do you have friends who own NAERIC registered horse(s)? Yes No
At this event, exhibitors will be earning: (Check all that apply)
Ribbons Points
What disciplines are involved at the event?
Halter Ranch Horse
Line Roping
Mounting Shooting Reining
Light Horse Futurity Pole Bending
Draft Horse Futurity Barrel Racing
English Cutting
Western Trail
Stake Class Jumping
Super Team Racing
Dressage Working Cow Horse
Eventing Driving

Showmanship, equitation, horsemanship are judged on the exhibitor and therefore, are ineligible for NAERIC Advantage ® added money. Games are not eligible for NAERIC Advantage money.